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[ The Phone rings a few times, before... ]

Nakagawa Akane here. You-- [ There's a small interruption, and Komaki Midori's MAGICAL DOLLY and sparkling can be heard along with Atsuro saying something about "shouldn't it be Neko~?", and a slight pause, followed by someone making a "SHHH!" noise; female in sounding (likely Tanikawa Yuzu). Clearly this is post-Lockdown, but his voice, from the sound of it, is fairly from way back in the message. ]

--might've heard of me referred to as... Neko, before. Maybe.

[ There is an audible sigh, and it comes from Keisuke in the background, who is saying something about Midori needing to be quieter. ] ... Either way. Just leave a message or a tune and I'll probably get back to you when I can.

[ ... And the message stops, now, with a beep. For those who have heard Akane as he is now, there's something... different about how this message sounds compared to his current voice. It's almost like, hearing his voice now, it's eerily unstable when compared to this one's 'cheerful' voice... but then, it's only something a Naoya would place. This was recorded during happier times. ]
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This AU? Is based on the fact that lately he gets emails on the COMP from ~*MYSTERY*~ sender! M-tan (or whoever that is threatening him, can't be anyone he personally knows... mind you mun knows spoilers galore, so...), and what it says to him.

What does it say? That he chose a difficult path, yadda yadda, but if he were to reawaken the slumbering, great, DANGEROUS powers within him again, he would be struck down for his sins almost as soon as possible,

... A nearly Twenty year-old Protag-kun? In OUR DR?! DATING AN OLDER WOMAN? )
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Spoilers. )

GOD that got long...! I hope I didn't forget anyone. XD ... B-but I PROMISE the next entry will explain better! Promise-promise. S-sorta.
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