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Name:水谷 朱李 (NAKAGAWA AKANE) ∥ “Neko” ∥הבל
Birthdate:Jan 1
Journal for the MC from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (Nintendo DS). No infringement intended. Will contain SPOILERS for Gin Route.

This journal is an older version of
This guy and is AU/Post game (First playthrough; Gin's Route, AGAIN).

As a side note (puns unintended), he goes by "Neko" and is fairly informal, despite his newly re-gained King of Bel status. As well as that, his cloak is Dark Blue on the outside, and Dark Red on the inside versus the usual black. He wears an black eyepatch over his left eye (or right, from the front), which would look something like this, which is hiding his partially demonic red eye.

Ask about making a canonmate~? Really, I'm a nice girl~
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